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There is an African proverb that I learned in my childhood that holds true to this day.

The proverb says “When the Roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”.

As a youngin’, I knew I was different than most boys. My interests weren’t the same as many of the

other boys.  I was just an easygoing loving kid who loved music, airplanes and boys. I was never one to get
into fights nor cause any type of mayhem. As my mom used to say, “my son is a lover not a fighter.”


I truly believe that our parents, especially mothers, know if we are gay or bisexual. How a parent deals

with their child’s sexuality can truly affect how a child loves himself and in turn love others!

I remember as a child, I was raised in a home of love and acceptance. They didn’t discipline me

when I dressed as Wonder Woman. They didn’t get mad when I didn’t do well in playing some sport.

They just wanted me to be a happy, loving and respectable child. I’ve been truly blessed being
raised by parents that embraced my authentic self. It truly has helped me develop a compassionate and

nurturing spirit. In retrospect, what my parents were doing was planting seeds of love, respect and self-
acceptance into my spirit. These seeds would help mold me into the man I am today!

No matter how crazy the winds of life blows at me, I stand tall, firm, planted and not easily uprooted.

I take this with me wherever I go in life because no matter where I am, I stand true to what I believe in and how

I was raised and taught, regardless of what obstacles are around me to change that mindset.

Be kind. Be compassionate.  Live righteously. Be grateful.  Be generous.
 Be understanding.  Be patient.  Be the positive force.  Be the change.

Be respectful.  Be unique.  Be creative. Be humble.  Be thankful.  Be true.
 Be the best you.

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