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because there is no “normal” for us to get back to...

In March 2022, Brave Soul Collective (BSC) kicked off “The IMPACT Chronicles” (TIC), a yearlong monthly series of virtual, interactive panel discussions aimed at unpacking and examining how all of our lives have been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This project is also designed to provide participating artists and the BSC audience at large with opportunities to share their stories through personal testimonies, poetry & theatrical monologues. A number of participants will have their submissions selected to be published on the BSC website, or to be workshopped, and ultimately presented as part of future virtual & theatrical performances produced by BSC. These participants will receive a modest honorarium upon completion of the project.

The monthly virtual discussion component of TIC, hosted by BSC Founder, Monte J. Wolfe, will continue Sunday March 19th, 2023 for a dialogue with participants who will share their experiences with the Brave Soul audience.

After each panel discussion, participants will be invited and encouraged to submit written works about their personal experiences related to that month’s topic.  Submissions will then be considered for inclusion in future BSC virtual & theatrical productions. All virtual panel discussions are free, with RSVP (donations also accepted).

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