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Brave Soul Collective (BSC) is a Washington, DC based multi-disciplinary arts, education, and HIV/AIDS

outreach organization working to illuminate the lives of LGBTQIA people of color through the performing

and healing arts. BSC aims to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, by serving as a platform for open and honest discussion about prevention, stigma, and personal responsibility. 


In addition to our stand alone productions, community discussions, and artist features, BSC regularly performs and presents workshops at HIV/AIDS conferences, as well as various LGBTQIA Pride, & community events.


  • To increase visibility of marginalized communities, including but not limited to,

gay black men & people living with HIV & AIDS.

  • To promote open, honest communication among sexually diverse individuals about HIV & AIDS

  • To serve as a network for the creative and healing arts

  • To create a healthy, loving environment for same gender loving individuals to share, explore,

and express who we are.

 Break the silence , Build the bridges, and Bring Light to the Truth.



BSC was founded by Monte J. Wolfe, Erik Chambers, & Tim’m T. West

(pictured below), three (3) dynamic artists, educators & same gender loving black men living with HIV. 

Their inaugural, invitation only BSC event, Brave Soul Saturday was held on Saturday, May 27, 2006 to coincide 

with the annual DC Black Pride Weekend and was attended by thirty (30) black gay men desiring a unique space for 

connection, community, safety, comfort, and recreation. 


 Since its humble beginnings in the early spring of 2006,

BSC  has gone on to stage countless theatrical productions, facilitate topical discussions, and 

collaborate with organizations such as Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc. and The Counter Narrative Project.

Additionally, BSC has frequently been featured in publications such as  

Clik , POZ Magazine, and SWERV.



Founders Erik Chambers, Monte J. Wolfe, & Tim'm T. West at the first Brave Soul Saturday discussion group; May 27, 2006.

BSC Insta Image 1.png



"Usie" after a long night of working to prepare for the Page-to-Stage New Play Festival, hosted by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

ShowAndTell cast shot (1).jpg


The cast of "Show & Tell" pictured at the Anacostia Arts Center in Southeast Washington D.C.

BSC Insta Image 3.png


Black gay creative smiling; Artistic Director, Monte J. Wolfe and members of The Catharsis Project (@catharsisproject) at the Anacostia Playhouse

BSC Insta Image 2.png


Preparing for "Outspoken", a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking film, Tongues Untied (Marlon Riggs, 1989).

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