#BlackMenFeel: Act I - Roots 

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"I truly believe that our parents, especially mothers, know if we are gay or bisexual. How a parent deals with their child’s sexuality can truly affect how a child loves himself and in turn love others!"

-Daddy Rod


"The weight of knowing who you are may disappoint your loved ones. Their words and reactions can cut deeply into your soul. These experiences color the person you become and how your vision becomes clearer as a result."

-Dr. David Malebranche


"I realized that we had this toxic way of thinking; men/boys expressing any type of emotions whatsoever, that made you weak [...] The concept of tough love for Black men is a system endorsed by dehumanizing them"

-Daniel J. Downer


"I am always supposed to pursue my freedom. However it shows up. It’s a never ending journey,
because freedom - it comes and it goes."

-Johnnie R. Kornegay III


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