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In March 2022, Brave Soul Collective kicked off  “The IMPACT Chronicles” (TIC), a yearlong monthly series of virtual, interactive panel discussions aimed at unpacking and examining how all of our lives have been forever changed by COVID-19.


This project is also designed to provide participating artists and the BSC audience with opportunities to share their stories through personal testimonies, poetry & theatrical monologues. 

To allow audiences to interact with our special guest panelists, we'll gather live on Zoom Sunday December 18th, 2022 at 7pm (EST).

For December, in lieu of the holiday season we'll discuss

"The Importance of Connection (Chosen Family/Community)"

Each monthly series of  "The IMPACT Chronicles"

is FREE to view & participate; however donations to help support the work of BSC for many more years are suggested...

To RSVP for the next live "IMPACT" discussion

Sunday December 18th at 7pm (EST), visit:



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